About Us

Quizzing others is fun. But, what even more fun is quizzing yourself, especially when nobody is watching. That way you can determine how much you know about a particular subject without going red in the face. Even when you get something very basic wrong. And, don’t worry, your great scores won’t stay hidden from the world. If you feel like showing, then you can flaunt your scores on social media. You can share your results with your family and friends and boast about your success, especially if you are able to get 10 out of 10. Instant gratification!

So, if you believe that you know about a subject like the back of your hand then it is time to take a quiz. Just log on to quizxl.com and you will definitely get what you are looking for. There are hundreds of quizzes ranging from personality tests to cities/countries, entertainment, and even geography. These are not just a wonderful past time or a test of your knowledge, but also an awesome way to enhance your knowledge on any topic. So no need to sift through heavy books to get detailed knowledge, just play a quiz and you would see how quickly you get to know that subject.

Every question comes with four options, prompting you to choose one which you feel is the closest to the correct one. And, after you complete the quiz, the whole report is generated showing what you chose and what was correct.

All our quizzes are prepared by a professional team of writers, researchers, and graphic designers who have made sure that you are easily able to enhance your knowledge in an engaging way. We also have on board Kunal Malhotra who has worked on several of India’s most popular quizzing shows in various capacities, including Kaun Banega Crorepati, Indian Quiz League, Spelling Bee, Champions of The World, Croma Tech Grandmasters and Sawaal India Ka. All these shows have received great adulation from viewers and several have won accolades & awards. With great knowledge and enthusiasm in this sphere, he has been a great quizzer and quizmaster for nearly two decades. With QuizXL, Kunal brings his love for quizzing and technology together. And, so should you!

Learning is indeed ‘fantastic’. Go enjoy!